Dance Movement Therapy, Coaching and Education

Weekly sessions available – Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Individual, and group where there is a demand.

Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) offers you the freedom to be yourself; a safe space to notice non-verbal expression. Sensorimotor Movement Therapy (SMT) combines the creative embodiment work of DMT with the body-mind practice emanating from neuro-bilogical research and practice for effective trauma treatment. DMT/SMT can help with a range of issues:
Anxiety, depression, trauma, minor/chronic physical ailments; back pain, aching legs, shoulder pain, headaches, relationships, low self esteem, lack of self co confidence, communication difficulties, assertiveness.

DMT uses a combination of verbal psychotherapy, embodied awareness, n onverbal movement interaction and analysis, creative approaches that include playing with emerging imagery and metaphors. We pay attention to the present moment through metaphor of movement, body sensing, relaxation, grounding and centering exercises. Your life’s puzzle will begin to make sense and your mind and body will work more effectively together.

Employed: £45 per session
unemployed/low-waged/student: £38 per hour

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