Intensive Actor Training Workshop

31st Oct/1st Nov 2014
10am - 5pm

We’re starting two regular theatrical workshop sessions one for experienced performers and the other for non-professionals. If you’d like to widen the range of your acting instruments, intensify your work and implicate your own personality into the role this training is for you!

The two-day-workshop provides an excellent opportunity to get familiar with an unconventional and innovative way of shaping a character.
With 15 years of acting and directing experience we help you to find the coordination of movements, voice and text; to develop the external as well as internal awareness and to unleash expressing your inner self according the method of Meyerhold, Vakhtangov, Lee Strassberg, Grotowsky and Barba.
If you are an experienced performer keen on immersing into a character you’ve already played or always wished to – just choose a monologue and apply! If you’re an open-minded non-professional we offer an insight into the stage labour process improving your focus, coordination and your honest and true reactions in set situations.
Each training serves the secondary purpose of bringing together talented artists with similar taste that provides the possibility to be part of upcoming theatrical projects.

24-25 Oct 2014 (cancelled) 10am-5pm Amateurs
31 Oct & 1 Nov 2014 10am-5pm Experienced Performers

Each 2 day course is £60.

For more information and bookings, please contact Eva Gabor by phone on 07583540415  or email

You can also receive updates on facebook here

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