April News

Friday 28th March 2024

With Spring just around the corner, April is shaping up to be a busy month at Out of the Blue. Out …

March News

Thursday 29th February 2024

March is shaping up to be a busy month at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall. Several of our …

February News

Friday 26th January 2024

February sees the start of Out of the Blueprint artist-in-residence Lauren Cory’s new exhibition – Homestead. Framed with delicate pixel patterns reminiscent of …

January News

Friday 5th January 2024

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a lovely festive season. January sees the start of a new term …

December News

Wednesday 29th November 2023

We’ve got lots of exciting news this month as we gear up for the festive season. We’re currently going through …

November News

Friday 27th October 2023

Firstly, we’ve got some exciting recruitment news for you.  Out of the Blue will shortly be custodians of three historically and …

October News

Thursday 28th September 2023

With the nights fair drawing in we’ve got another exciting programme of events, classes, workshops, and exhibitions to keep you entertained at …

September News

Wednesday 30th August 2023

September is shaping up to be a busy month at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall with another exciting programme of events, classes, …

August News

Friday 28th July 2023

Out of the Blue provide a wide-ranging programme of events, classes, workshops, exhibitions and performances all year round. Welcome to our exciting August programme. …

July News

Thursday 29th June 2023

With the summer holidays now upon us, here’s our programme of events coming up this July. Now in its third year, Out of …

June News

Thursday 25th May 2023

From exhibitions and workshops to live theatre, there’s a packed programme of events coming up at the Drill Hall in June. Our …

May News

Friday 28th April 2023

With an exciting events and exhibitions programme, there’s lots coming up this month at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall. We’re …

April News

Thursday 30th March 2023

Out of the Blueprint run an artist in residence programme at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall which encourages artists to push …

March News

Thursday 2nd March 2023

As ever, a considerable number of classes, workshops, events, markets, and exhibitions make good use of space at the Out …

February News

Thursday 26th January 2023

Many people have helped create and shape Out of the Blue. Many years ago a volunteer came forward to offer …

January News

Friday 6th January

Happy 2023 from all at Out of the Blue. In 2017 Out of the Blue created Abbeymount Studios as a Centre for …

December News

Thursday 24th November 2022

Providing space for Edinburgh and its people’s creative initiatives has long been Out of the Blue’s mission. We are now …

November News

Friday 28th October 2022

Out of the Blue’s development is underpinned both by making strategic decisions and taking opportunities. Having a dedicated and skilled …

October News

Tuesday 4th October 2022

Out of the Blue often initiate partnership projects which provide opportunities for people who face barriers to participating in creative …

September News

Wednesday 31st August 2022

Since 2004 Out of the Blue’s headquarters has been the Out of the Blue Drill Hall, a building of considerable …

August News

Thursday 28th July 2022

Out of the Blue have always aspired to connect our summer initiatives to our own and our collaborators’ all-year-round work. …

July News

Thursday 30th June 2022

Out of the Blue have always aspired to connect our summer initiatives to our own and our collaborators’ all-year-round work. Out …

June News

Monday 30th May 2022

Out of the Blue Abbeymount Studios is a significant centre for making, creating and design, located at the top of Easter …

May News

Friday 29th April 2022

Out of the Blueprint welcomes visitors to see the new work of current artist-in-residence Sarah Phelan at a social event and …

April News

Friday 1st April 2022

Throughout our history Out of the Blue has initiated a significant number of social enterprises and cultural projects which connect together …

March News

Friday 25th February 2022

Out of the Blue aspire to provide space for as many people as possible to be creative. Property prices in …

February News

Friday 28th January 2022

The Out of the Blue Dill Hall is home to over 150 studio artists and organisations. Many of the organisations …

January News

Friday 7th January 2022

Happy New Year. The challenge of providing space for people to work, create, exhibit, perform, eat, drink, dance, teach, learn …

December News

Thursday 25th December 2021

Out of the Blue have been running popular Arts Markets since we were able to open the big blue Drill …

November News

Thursday 28th October 2021

The Out of the Blue Drill Hall cafe (established 2007) has been reviewed as one of the five best cafes …

October News

Thursday 30th September 2021

Out of the Blue welcome the increase in popular classes, exhibitions, events, markets, and other participatory opportunities across our sites.  Over the past 5 …

September News

Friday 27th August 2021

Out of the Blue continue to enable the return of much needed convivial and creative activity across our sites.  Out …

August News

Friday 30th July 2021

Out of the Blue embrace summer with a rich variety of home grown initiatives.  During the first week of August, …

July News

Thursday 1st July 2021

Covid-19 affected organisations within Out of the Blue’s creative industries network especially hard; organisations that week in, week out provided …

June News

Friday 28th May 2021

Out of the Blue has always provided space and opportunities for a huge range of all year round creative endeavours. …

May News

Tuesday 4th May 2021

Out of the Blue have thrown the big blue front doors wide open, and we are welcoming customers back to …

April News

Friday 2nd April 2021

Out of the Blue very much look forward to welcoming you to the Drill Hall as restrictions are eased. We …

March News

Friday 26th February 2021

Out of the Blue are obviously very keen to re-open our doors when safe to do so. We have been …

February News

Thursday 28th January 2021

Like many organisations, Out of the Blue’s operation is fundamentally impacted by COVID-19 and the need to stop the spread …

January News

Monday 11th January 2021

Edinburgh is in COVID Protection Level 4 with current restrictions essentially returning us to a position similar to the lockdown …

December News

Thursday 3rd December 2020

Out of the Blue have made our lovely creative spaces available to enable people to meet, teach, learn, exhibit, rehearse …

November News

Friday 30th October 2020

Five years ago Out of the Blue created Out of the Blueprint as a social enterprise print studio based at the Out of …

October News

Friday 25th September 2020

Out of the Blue are proud owners of the ‘A listed’ Drill Hall in Dalmeny Street, Leith. We pride ourselves …

September News

Friday 28th August 2020

The Out of the Blue Drill Hall benefits from having a range of spaces which for many years have accommodated …

August News

Friday 7th August 2020

The Out of the Blue Drill Hall cafe team have adapted the cafe operation and are delighted to be able to …

July News

Thursday 2nd July 2020

Following guidance from the Scottish Government’s route map through and out of the crisis, Out of the Blue are working …

June 2020 News

Thursday 28th May

As we enter phase 1 of the Scottish Government’s route map through and out of the crisis, Out of the …

May 2020 News

Thursday 30th April 2020

Out of the Blue are working with our partners to ensure we continue to do all we can to support …

COVID-19 Update

Friday 10th April 2020

In line with government guidelines intended to limit the spread of Covid-19, ourselves and many of our partners have closed …

March 2020 News

Thursday 27th February

Out of the Blue thrives on the mix of enterprise and social impact, commonly known as social enterprise.  Whilst supporting …

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