LeithLate17: Biomorphis Minecraft Picnic build

Friday 16th June 2017
12 - 5pm, free entry

Ever built a REAL Minecraft world? Join Leith Creative and Biomorphis and their team of crafty miners assembling a Picnic Biome at Out of the Blue on 16th of June. Grass, ladders and other materials will all be supplied. Game on!

Leith Creative is looking for as many people who live and/or work in the Leith area as possible to contribute their views to the People and Places: Make Leith Better project. Have your say here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/LeithCreative

Leith Creative is a place-based research project that asks ‘How can we Make Leith Better?’ Through a series of structured events and creative interventions, Leith Creative will be engaging members of the Leith community this summer, asking people to define local assets, challenges, and identify the steps individuals can make in improving their place. The information collected will then be transformed into a cultural blueprint for the area, that takes on board the viewpoints of local people on how their space is developed.

Leith Creative is co-delivered by Morvern Cunningham of LeithLate and Duncan Bremner of Citizen Curator. The People and Places: Make Leith Better project is supported by the Scottish Government, Creative Scotland and the City of Edinburgh Council.

Part of this year’s LeithLate programme  


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