The 2nd Edinburgh International Cello Continuo Clinic

Sunday 14th - Saturday 20th September (2 day courses)
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With Cellist and Conductor David Watkin

This year there will be two 2-day mini-courses you can choose from, ‘A’ and ‘B’, with days devoted to ‘Recit’ and ‘Bach Suites and Harmony’ in between. On Sunday there will be a short introduction or refresher session on figured bass for anyone wanting it, free to participants.

Revised outline timetable:

 Sept 2014  Sun 14th  Mon 15th  Tues 16th  Wed 17th  Thurs 18th  Fri 19th  Sat 20th
 f/bass  A  A  Recit  Bach  B  B
 9.15 Welcome +intro  10 – 5  9.15-5.30  9.15-5  11 – 12.30Talk ‘Bach’  9.15-5  9.15-5
 5-6  talk  6 – 7 talk:
 1-6.30  6-7 talk

The two-day courses ‘A’ and ‘B’ are the main part of the Cello Continuo Clinic, designed to develop accompanying skills. As before we will use the ‘masterclass’ format, with each player playing sometimes in groups of 3, as well as having the chance to play on their own. With a maximum number of 9 participants, there will be plenty of playing.

You can tailor your own package, by choosing either of the two day segments ‘A’ or ‘B’ and adding Recit and/or Bach, or immerse yourself in the whole 6 day course.  ‘A’ and ‘B’ are interchangeable, and will use similar but different repertoire, so attending both would still be useful. You will get more out of the Recit and Bach days if you have attended ‘A’, been to last year’s course, or have a good working understanding of harmony applied to the cello.


‘A’ or ‘B’ £200

Recit day £100*

Bach day £100*

 ‘A’ or ‘B’ plus Recit or Bach (3 days) £275

‘A’ or ‘B’ plus Recit and Bach (4 days) £350

All 6 days £425

Observers: 1 day £40, 2 days £70, 3 days £90, 4 days £105, 5 days £115, 6 days £125

The cost of tea, coffee and lunch is included.

Full-time student discount: 33% off

Places can be secured by a 20% deposit, remainder payable by 1st Sept.

Spaces are limited to 9 participants for ‘A’ and 9 for ‘B’, with 14 for ‘Recit’ and 14 for ‘Bach’

Observer numbers will also be limited.

*Recit and Bach places will be offered first to those also booking ‘A’ or ‘B’, and will be offered to anyone  wishing to participate in Recit or Bach only, from August 1st.

Dr. Sara Watkin, Osteopath will lead warm-ups and offer advice on healthy practice.

Level: aimed at ‘conservatoire entry’ to professional standard. We will encourage a friendly atmosphere of shared learning – whether you are a professional, student or amateur, please be ready to learn from any source.

Pitch A 415, but modern instruments are welcome. (If you use a spike, please bring something to protect the floor.)    Course may be made open to other bass instruments as well.


Lunch and tea/coffee will be provided.


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