Freeze Frame & Screen Bandita workshop: Bring Your Own Archive

Saturday 1st October 2016
2.30pm - 5pm, free entry

Screen Bandita and Freeze Frame Film Club invite you to contribute to their participatory community gathering: a welcoming space in which to share, speak and see.

Do you have any reels of 8mm film / 16mm film, or old slides gathering dust in the attic? Bring them along and we’ll project them for you!

The Banditas will also be bringing a wealth of treasures from their own archive for participants to enjoy: a rummage box of vintage found photographs, 8mm films, vintage viewing toys and a wind-up Russian gramophone.
Excavate your family photographs and films, or just bring yourself along to enjoy an afternoon rummaging in our archive and sharing memories.

This is a free drop-in session suitable for all ages!

Screen Bandita
Screen Bandita are the Edinburgh and Melbourne-based collective of Lydia Beilby and Leanora Olmi. The duo create performative, live-cinema works using archival, found 8mm and 16mm film, slides, photographs and ephemera as source materials. Through the exploration of the forgotten and obsolete elements of photo-chemical film, the analogue projection medium and visual culture, Screen Bandita forge elemental links with the past, while creating new participatory pieces very much rooted in the present. Within their work they aim to foreground the notion of archives as vibrant, living entities to be constantly reinvigorated, reinterpreted, reinvented and debated.

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