Elisabeth Carlile

Hush Now My Darling

Tuesday 16 & Wednesday 17 August, 4.30pm
Reserve seats

Hush Now My Darling is a live performance that explores the relationship between maternal instinct and speciesism. The success and failure of caring for a non-human child is physicalized through the creation of a baby out of raw, pre-packaged, meat. The audience watch as lumps of beef are transformed into a life-like human baby figure, and I desperately attempt to soothe it’s cry.

The performance was first developed as part of Starting Blocks (2016) at Camden People’s Theatre.

Elisabeth is an interdisciplinary artist who works across performance, live art, film and photographic documentation. Her practice is committed to exploring how bodies are used within the performance space and the relationship between them.  Elisabeth is intrigued by the fluidity of her own identity, the social expectations others have of her and how she allows herself to become a hybrid.


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