Jak Soroka

If We Did It Like This

Tuesday 16 August, 12-2pm
No booking necessary, this is a durational work and the audience are free to come and go from the space.

If We Did It Like This is a durational piece, interrupted by the audience.

Across a threshold, a performer is moving.
You are invited to join the action
To interrupt/engage/comfort/be held
then leave.

Looking at intimacy beyond the couple form, this is an exploration into queer ways that bodies can be together to challenge societal norms of love and romance.

This artwork directly experiments with, and addresses the dynamic of, the audience-performer relationship, as a tool for valuing different kinds of intimacy.

What does unearthing the potential of unconventional connections lead to?

This is a work-in-progress.

Jak says
embrace your otherness
de-construct the hierarchies/categories/binaries

Jak is
a gender enthusiast
a body not a mouthpiece

Jak practices
uncovering layers of shame
in the art of transformation
in visibility, otherness and reclamation

She/he/they/zir/zer was born in the place of not knowing


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